Montessori Schoolhouse is the little schoolhouse where your child will:

Be engaged and encouraged by the Montessori method of learning --sensory and experiential

Learn how to learn in order to become more independent and self-confident in partnership with your family

Wonder in a relaxed, cottage-like atmosphere

Interact with caring, AMI trained professional teachers

Be surrounded by nature and enjoy it

Find their spirit in work and play, find their voice in music

Montessori Schoolhouse is not a daycare, although at the end of the day your child will have had a day of feeling cared for! We follow the Montessori Method of learning, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, to help children across a range of intellectual, emotional and developmental levels acquire a sound background for academic skills, creative skills and an interest in pursuing learning.

Come take a walk with us through Montessori Schoolhouse to see the difference of how we help make the wonder in a child wonderful!